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31-Jan-2018 12:01

Almost all of the information they’ve ever heard takes for granted that sex and love are separate things, and certainly that sex and marriage, and/or sex and kids, are separate choices.

Millennials who are more grounded in reality must speak up.

According to a campus-wide survey conducted by The Dartmouth from April 16 to April 20, 63 percent of students said that sexually transmitted diseases and STIs are things they worry about when they are sexually active.

However, whether these worries will affect their willingness to have sexual encounters was less clear.

As California's colleges and universities adjust to a new state law mandating a standard of "affirmative consent" in sexual assault and rape cases—as well as campus judicial proceedings with a "preponderance of the evidence" standard of guilt—observers are trying to anticipate how these policy changes will affect the lived culture of sexual acts among students, most in their late teens or early 20s.

The law's effect on campus culture will determine whether it advances the ends sought by supporters, who hope to reduce the incidence of sex crimes.

The scenarios that they anticipate are not always mutually exclusive.contributor Jill Filipovic captured something very much like what supporters of California law hope sex on campus will look like in the near future."Plenty of men are able to grasp the idea that sex should be entered into joyfully and enthusiastically by both partners, and that an absence of 'no' isn't enough—'yes' should be the baseline requirement," she wrote.

"And women are not empty vessels to be fucked or not fucked; we're sexual actors who should absolutely have the ability to say yes when we want it, just like men, and should feel safe saying no—even if we've been drinking, even if we've slept with you before, even if we're wearing tight jeans, even if we're naked in bed with you.

Their sexual expectations in relationships might also be shaped by faux-casual boasts at the local watering hole; audacious requests from Tinder matches; risqué netflix programming; and social media clickbait.Anti-rape activists further understand that men need to feel empowered to say no also.If women have the ability to fully and freely say yes, and if we establish a model of enthusiastic consent instead of just 'no means no,' it would be a lot harder for men to get away with rape.Forty-eight percent of students either strongly or somewhat agree that concern about STDs and STIs affect their willingness to have sexual encounters, while 36 percent strongly or somewhat disagreed.

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Cindy Pierce, local author and self-described social sexuality educator, said that she was surprised at the lack of knowledge students overall have about these issues, especially in light of the internet and the access to information it provides.

And researchers often rely on samples that are not terribly diverse.